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        We live the rhythms of our stories

              through the cadence of the

                 connections we make.



Melinda West Seifert says she has been writing since first learning that block letters made words, and words made sentences, and when connected, sentences created stories. This was a long time ago.


Melinda graduated with a B.S. from Newcomb College and earned her M.S. from Tulane University. She is a member of the Chickasaw Nation and lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband Jay, and a collection of animals, including Otter, the inspiration for her newest children's book, 'The Dog Who Hated Christmas."  Their now-adult twin daughters escaped with lives of their own.

She has won numerous awards for her short stories. "The Jesus Horse" is her first book-length work of fiction. "Grandmother's Yarn" is her first children's book, followed by "Grandmother's Horses," and "The Dog Who Hated Christmas."




















It's really about more than just being aware. You have to be aware of the tenderness of existence, and of your own existence, and you have to do it all at the same time.



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