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The job which the writer is doing is to tell you a moving story

of the human heart in conflict.


~ William Faulkner


This is such a story.



The Jesus Horse

 ISBN-13:978-0615955735 (Melinda West Seifert) ISBN-10:0615955738

One of my “pre-readers” described this as “a Black Beauty  for grown-ups,” and I take this description as a high compliment.


Is it that we all need to believe in something? Is it a hunger for ultimate salvation, or simply a magnificent quest, one in search of whatever it is we spend our lives pursuing? Can those needs, or dreams or pursuits ever be met, and by what—a mission, a vision, a delusion, a higher power, something else, or maybe from somewhere deep within ourselves, maybe a place we have never even stumbled upon. Who knows? Maybe all we really want is a happy ending.


In part, this is a story about a horse, about the life, the time, in a way, the very being of an amazing, maybe miraculous horse, sort of The Jesus of horses. Not as irreverent as it might at first sound, it’s just the way it is. It is in fact, exactly what it is.


But there’s more. This is also a story about temptation, betrayal, loss, hope, faith, success, triumph and redemption. It’s a story of people with stories, people of despair and people with the capacity for great joy. It’s a story of now, a story of today and each day, and at the same time, a story of a time that has never been, or perhaps, a time that has already been. That pretty much sums life, and this story, up. Yes, that’s a lot of story.


And, who am I you might wonder, to offer reason or explanation, to even begin to justify those parts of our hearts and souls that build the bridges we share with each other? My qualifications are the same as yours. We are all a part of the dramas we create and live, we draw others in and they become a part of ours just as we are drawn in and become a part of theirs. It’s as if there is an underground river, running through our lives and relationships, hollowing out beds in the sediment, sending us the very messages that shape our perceptions, judgments, and our own ideas of self and others. This tributary is as natural as the blood running through our bodies. In that we are all the same.


This is a novel about the stories that connect each of us when we have no idea at all that those connections even exist. Some of the stories may seem more complex than others, but without each separate story, the conclusion would be incomplete. 




Food for Fuel, Food for Taste, Food for Health, Food for Thought

ISBN SBN-13: 978-0615910949 (LoneStartNow)SBN-10: 0615910947

Healthy foods, nutritious foods, tasty foods, and ... easy-to-cook—all in the same sentence? Yes. And, all in this new cookbook from Melinda West Seifert and LoneStart Wellness. I hope this book will help you start on the path to a new, healthier way of eating, and at the same time, to developing a love for creative cooking.


Eating healthy and making healthy choices doesn’t mean you have to give up foods you love. It means getting creative and finding ways to make those foods, well, healthier. These recipes do just that. Most are low- calorie (400 calories or less per serving size), low in refined carbohydrates, easy to prepare, and cook relatively quickly, with preparation times under one-half hour.


From side dishes, to meals, to dessert, there’s something here for everyone looking for a way to prepare and eat nutritious foods. You’ll also find some helpful hints, suggestions and tips.And, with each recipe, keep in mind that you can make it yours! This is a big deal! Adjust the seasonings, mild or spicy. Mix it up. Switch one fish for a kind you might prefer. Switch from lean ground beef, to ground turkey, or leave out the meat entirely. It’s up to you. We provide the basic roadmap (recipe). Have fun, be creative, invent your own style.


These recipes range from elegant to easy to comfort foods to...well, you name it, there’s something for everyone here, for every occasion.Here’s a new way to boost your health. Engage your family in home-cooked meals. Increase your energy. Feel good about what you are feeding your body.  Isn’t this food for thought?


To longer life, better health—and great taste...Cheers!





Grandmother's Yarn

ISBN-13: 978-1515281399  (Melinda West Seifert)



A story for children about what can be created with a little hook, a little yarn and a whole lot of love. Each stitch, each row, each knot, each hole, each phase of the crocheted blanket become metaphors. Twenty-eight pages with color photographs and a mix of typographic styles and colors. Directions for making the Grandmother's Blanket are included.

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