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The Jesus Horse


It's time to experience an exhilarating tale of animals and people at work together, negotiating a sometimes perilous balance between mercy and justice, betrayal and redemption, joy and pain, and faith.


We are all connected in this life, through each and every encounter, whether by design or chance. Some are fleeting yet momentous encounters, some carry us where we need to go, some last a lifetime, and some are so ephemeral and transient we may never recognize that they have occurred. But they have. We live the rhythms of our stories through the cadence of the connections we knowingly and inadvertently make.


The Jesus Horse is a novel about how stories, our own stories, bind each of us together, even when we have no idea at all that those connections, as uneven as they seem, exist. You may find yourself blinking back tears of recognition, tears of pain, and tears of joy.


It’s also a story of temptation, betrayal, loss, hope, faith, success, triumph and redemption. It’s a story of people with stories, people of despair and people with the capacity for great joy. And yes, it is a story about a horse.



It is about the noise of the heart.




"It is a fragile whisper of the heart."


"Takes your soul, moves it around, shakes it up, and then gives it back, wrapped in a calm, gentle shell, a safe place to be."


"It will rip your heart out, and then piece by cut-out piece, quilt itself back together."







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© 2018  Melinda West Seifert


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